Friday, October 29, 2010

flashback friday: wishin' i was fishin'

have i ever mentioned that sam is my best friend?  have i ever mentioned that we do everything together & he has never made me feel like i wasn't welcome along in any occasion?  hunting, fishing, sporting events, everything.  we do it together.

sam is going sturgeon fishing today in portland & it's the first time in five years that i'm not going.  i never even entertained the idea of going, although if i had said i wanted to, i'm sure i would have been welcome.  we have family in portland that probably would have been happy to watch parker {hi jodi!} or we would have found a way to bring him with us.  but the thought didn't really occur to me.

why would i want to go when i can spend the day doing some tax-free shopping in portland with my sister-in-law?  that's what i thought at first, anyways... until i started taking a trip down memory lane.

here are a few pictures from sturgeon fishing past.


my first sturgeon fishing experience.  i was the only one on the boat {which consisted of me & three guys} who caught a keeper that day.  that beauty was 46.5" long.  but i really can't take credit.  my pole happened to catch the fish... all i did was reel it in.  i didn't even hook the bait {gross!}.

i was pretty dang proud, nonethless.


we caught a few little guys this trip out.  the ones sam caught were too small to be keepers, but still pretty cool looking fish.  did you know sturgeons are closely related to sharks & have their skeletons on the outside of their bodies?  that makes the fillets bone-free & delicious.  true fact.  throw that little bomb of knowledge down next time you're trying to impress your friends.  go ahead. do it.

anyone else notice that sam is wearing the same hat & hoodie as in 2005?  coincidence?  i think not.  superstitious fisher?  yup.

{the fish i'm holding was the only keeper of the day, caught by my bro-in-law jason.  he's come up a time or two in the blog. he's nuts... in a good way}


i can't remember if we caught any keepers on this trip.  what i do remember was being on the water at six am & watching the rising sun burn the morning steam off the river. oh yeah, & there's always donuts.

mmmm, donuts.

and then there was the nudist.  that's a story worth revisiting.  i promise.  read about here.  and then read here.  both are short posts & definitely worth checking out.  ya know, if you're into nudists & all. 

so yeah, we've had some memorable times on the river.  i'm still looking forward to my day of shopping tomorrow, but now i'm thinking i just might find a way to make it onto that boat next year.

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  1. WOW...that's really cool. Sam loves to go fishing with my hubby. I'll have to show him those big fish!

    Hope you guys have a fun 1st Halloween!

  2. That is a huge fish! You are a nicer wife than I, Jesse has been going duck hunting several days a week for the last few weeks... not I :) Have fun in Portland shopping, it's one of my favorite things to do!

  3. What awesome pics!

    I LOVE fishing! I've gone ever since I could walk and my husband I love going together! :)

    Happy 1st Halloween (a few days early) to sweet little Parker! :)

  4. I remember the sturgeon of 2005. That was some good eatin'!

  5. That is way cool, it looks like a lot of fun too.

  6. How fun! We used to go fishing too. I miss it. Great photos.

  7. HOLY MOLY! Those fish are HUGE. wow!
    Hubs and I went fishing all the time several years ago, when we were still in school, but nothing we caught compared to THOSE!

  8. Love this post! Very cute. Omg, nudist...

  9. that is so awesome! i grew up on the columbia river so i've been fishing forever! its so fun when u get a "fish on" and everyone jumps up and gets all excited! i'll have to dig out a sweet pic of a huge dinosaur sturgeon i caught in seveth grade!i hope you guys have a great time in portland!!! im off to read about the nudist...

  10. So, my only memories of fishing for sturgeon end with me throwing up from being seasick. Yuck!

    I do LOVE sturgeon though, and tell me why I see a horse in the 2008 sturgeon photo? Anyone else?

  11. Sturgeon fishing? You are too cool!

  12. What the heck? I am so pissed right now that he did not invite me... lame

  13. dang, you're like the fishing queen.


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