Thursday, October 7, 2010

parker rules & some other messed up stuff

when i was pregnant, i swore i wasn't gonna be one of those people who let having a kid slow them down.  i was gonna do a triathlon in august & we were gonna go to australia around new years.  although i think we do a pretty good job of still being on-the-go types, i am realizing now i was a bit naive.  go figger. 

this summer's triathlon didn't even make it on the calendar & now i'm wondering why i even thought we might want to attempt a fourteen hour flight down under with an eight month old. 

but having a kid isn't all about your life ending.  or not getting to do cool things like triathlons or traveling.  you just learn to adjust, adapt, & be flexible.  and yeah, maybe a few things get put on hold for a while, but it's a small price to pay.  totally worth it.  totes.

today was one of those days where that reality of my life isn't really just my life anymore set in a bit.  i had my day planned out the minute i woke up.  11:00 - go to gym, 12:00 - lunch with a friend, 1:00 - visit work friends, 2:00 - errands, 3:00 - go home, parker naps & amy blogs.  parker wasn't having it.  by 10:45, my day was completely rearranged & plans were shuffled all around.  a baby who really needed to take a nap in his own crib & not while being toted around by his mama was snoring away in the nursery.  that's just the way it goes.

and you know what?  that's ok.  i can adjust, adapt, & be flexible.  but that doesn't mean i'm gonna stop doing things either.  that triathlon will just have to wait til next summer, & our trip to australia has now morphed into a four hour flight to hawaii.  i think we can handle that.

and now, for some messed up stuff.

you guys.  you guys.  i joined twitter.  WHAT?  i know.  i never use caps & there i just did.  this is serious!  i have never understood what the big deal was with twitter, twittering, tweets, & tweeting.  what is the deal with all those @'s and #'s and why does it always look like everyone is just talking to themselves?  and really, i still don't get it.  but i'm trying.  but i have virtually no followers so i kinda feel like all this great tweeting material is getting wasted in space {or, just my new live tweet feed on my sidebar}. 

oh, & ya know how i said i have virtually no followers?  i actually have four.  two are spam, i'm pretty sure & the other two are both mandy from harper's happenings {technically one is kidlet, her newest venture}.  thank you mandy for taking me under your tweeting wing & having mercy on a newbie. 

so, if you're a twittering fool puh-lease add me so i'm no longer tweeting into no man's land!  i would love to get to know ya'll.  find me at:


wanna know something else messed up?  today i saw a hitch hiker wearing a top hat.  i really wanted to pick him up because i thought he might be an illusionist.  parker gave me the side eye & then i thought i'd better not, but ooooh the blog post that experience might have made.  or it coulda been the end of this blogger.

we'll never know.

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i do know that i love your votes.  we're in the forties now & still climbing.  huzzah!


  1. Baby sleeping pics are always SO precious!

    And yes, motherhood does change life and plans, but it's ALL worth it, usually ;)

    I don't get Twitter AT ALL! I'll stick with blogging and Facebook.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I know what that feels like! :) Schedules and go right out the window.

    ( seriously on the blog voting thing...the top 10 have over 1000 votes and some over 3000...CRAZY!! That is almost celebrity status to have that many people reading your blog daily)

  3. I do not use twitter. I started an account like a year ago and only tweated one time to something of this affect: "I don't like Twitter." Ha ha. BUT I do have a facebook!! Find me there! Mandy Chiappini :-)

  4. i'm trying to twitter. it's hard. i'm following you now. tweet.

  5. Love your blog! Now following you ... come by and visit me at

  6. So if your schedule was planned from the minute you woke up...and it started at 11 am...? Haha! Still a pretty good life. (You should use that phrase for something or other...) :-P

  7. Hello! New follower from blog hops today - love your site!

    I'm struggling with the same thing, though I agree it couldn't be more worthwhile :)

    I just joined twitter about 6 wks ago, and I'm starting to get out for a new addiction!

  8. life goes on after kids...just in a different direction than it used to!

    Just stopping by from the Friday Follow. Hope you get a chance to follow back. I have lots of ecofriendly giveaways and coupons/freebies you may find useful! Have a great weekend!


  9. So sweet! We hardly ever follow schedule around here. I am following you on twitter @lovinmylifeblog

  10. I hopped over from Friendly Friday Follow and added you on GFC.

    Please consider following me back at my new blog, which will qualify you to enter my $25 Amazon Giftcard giveaway!

    If it makes you feel better, I added you on twitter (@MsGatorRN) - I still don't understand half the abbreviations on there :p

  11. Welcome to twitter! And youll get to the tri soon enough. i am def doing another. we can motivate each other on the internets :)


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