Friday, October 8, 2010

flashback friday: san fran '05

oooh san francisco.  home of rice-a-roni, the fourty-niners, & naked gun star o.j. simpson.  true fact.

we're flashing back to summer of '05 today folks.  sam & i took off for a week before school started & road tripped down to cali.  oh the joys of being young & in love.  not that we're not still young & in love, we're just now a little more maturely-young, in love, & have the add-ins of a mortgage & diaper changes.  how does this always come back to diapers?

we packed up the ol' nissan sentra & drove down the i-five.  we did all the token things you're supposed to do when visiting such an iconic city... like, ride cable cars, visit alcatraz, & tour row houses.  oh wait, we did none of those things.  we were poor college students for heaven's sake, whattya expect?

we did do lots of fun stuff though.  like, go to an oakland a's game, take a ferry tour of the bay, eat fresh crab in fisherman's wharf, & drive our car through a tree in the redwoods.  on purpose {see top right photo}.  oh yeah, & we ate at in n' out burger approximately two to three times a day & went to six flags. 

sam also got to pose with a homeless dude with arguably the coolest cardboard sign ever seen.  we gave him two dollars.  one for creativity & one for the picture.  sure it sounds cheap now but we were poor college students ourselves, remember?

here is sam giving me the side eye while we were exploring china town.  i'm sure i was doing something awesome.

until next time san fran, syonara.

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  1. I heart San Fran! I haven't been there since 1997. One day I'll make it back there.

  2. Hey! thanks for stopping by, I look forward to getting to know you and your cute family better, its always nice to find local, lds mamas :) parker is a doll!!

  3. Loveeee San Fran! That sign the houseless man is holding is soo funny!! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, the homeless guy is too funny.

    I mean... not funny, because hes homeless and homeless people break my heart in a "I wish I could share my house with you, but not actually MY house, but... give you a house, or help you find a job so that you can do it on your own", sort of way, but...

    I lost my train of thought. Dangit.

    Anyways. I grew up in Hayward (until I was 5, at least), which is right over there by SF. This flashback totally took me back. So fun.


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