Saturday, October 9, 2010

a darker side of p-ray

our little man explored his inner-halloween today.

it was a good day.  i finally pulled out all the halloween decor & packed up the summer stuff.  fiiiiinally.  jodi & jason came up for the day & we did what we do best.  lots of shopping & eating.  we bought parker's halloween costume & it's gonna be so freaking cute there's a possibility heads will explode.  i picked him up this super cute zebra friend & i'm convinced it's gonna be his favorite toy for years.  oh yes, it will. 

it's pouring rain here & i'm loving it.  boots, puffy vests, & fuzzy blankets are all finding their way out of the backs of my closets.  slow-cooker chili & cornbread are on the menu for tomorrow so i hope the rain continues.  chili tastes best when it's pouring outside.  oh you didn't know that?  it's true.  it's been proven by science.

i {heart} fall.  and babies in skeleton pajamas.

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  1. Aww! how sweet. I dressed my boys in Halloween outfits friday. I tried to get a picture of them together, it didn't work...

  2. What a cutie!!! New follower from the Pinky Dandy blog hop. Happy Sunday!

    Om... And Then Some

  3. I love fall, too. And of course, babies in skeleton PJ's! :-) Can't wait to see his costume!

  4. Too cute! I had my girls in their Halloween costumes yesterday to try to get a picture also. I've learned it's actually impossible to get two kids smiling at the same time. Once I accepted that fact, the photo session ended. :)

  5. "A darker side" teeheehee! He's so cute!!

    I was waiting until the 15th to put my little man into his half a dozen Halloween shirts, but now I'm tempted to say "Screw it, it's October, good enough!" after seeing this. Sooo cute!!


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