Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the forty five minute intruder

today was one of those days.  i guess karma owed me a not-so-good day after all my bragging of how great my life is.

we fought the "forty-five minute intruder" today.  anyone dealt with this?  supposedly it's legit, & it rears its nasty head during nap time.  it's when your baby just can't seem to sleep past forty-five minutes without waking up & screaming.

some theories say that at 45 minutes, your baby is switching sleep cycles & gets woken up.  some say it's hunger.  some say it's a sign that they were overstimulated before being put down.  i'm convinced parker is acting out a well-constructed plot to keep me from being happy, productive, or well rested.  whatever the reason, i'm at a loss.

i coulda timed my watch today to when parker would wake up from his nap.  forty-five minutes to the minute both times.  and a baby that isn't napping well, is like... well, see that picture above?  'nuff said.

at least i made a ridiculously good dinner tonight.  wanna hear about it?  well read on & i will tell you all the juicy details.  i know, this is front page stuff right here.

super-duper, easy-peasey, crock-pot cream cheese chicken & rice.

trust me, remembering the name of this one is harder than actually making it.  and if you're the dieting type that runs at the mention of cream cheese, just know that i "dieted" this one down a bit.  i'll give the full fledged, totally creamy substitutions at the end.  like how i baited you there?  i'm suspenseful like that.

ingredients:  package of boneless skinless chicken breasts, half a stick of butter, one cup chicken broth, package of italian seasonings, package of non-fat cream cheese, & a can of cream of chicken soup.

directions: combine butter, broth, italian seasonings & chicken in crock pot.  cook on high for three hours.  then, dump in the package of cream cheese & the can of cream of chicken soup.  mix it all up til it's nice & creamy-like.  trust me, i used fat free versions of both these items, & it was still super duper creamy.  set it on low for another half hour or so & then eat it over rice.  i used brown & it was delish.

lastly, you have to jump in front of your husband's football game & make him take a picture of you eating it.  oh wait, just me?  ok then, never mind that last step.

oh, & to make it super fatty-like {don't i make it tempting?} use a whole stick of butter instead of the cup of broth & use normal cream cheese.  i make fun because i'm jealous.  i'm sure that version is d-to-the-e-licious. 

and in closing it should be said that even on his worst days, p-ray is a pretty cool little man.  i'm sure tomorrow will go much better... but i won't be around to find out.  tomorrow is my day in the office & i'm actually looking forward to it.  don't hate, ya'll.  it's just that i have a hot date with my stereo in the morning, & a to-do list that doesn't include dishes.  well, not until five o'clock at least.

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  1. Mmmmmm - Reading this at 5 am & this sounds so comfort-foodish! I need a new way to liven up chicken & the Italian seasoning could do the trick! Thanks for sharing... Love ya, Mom

  2. Kale's naps are ALWAYS 45 minutes. Like you said, I could set my watch by it. He wakes up all smiles though and even though I've read the No Cry Sleep Solution four hundred times and triee every.single.technique - I've just had to (begrudgingly) accept that he's a short napper.

  3. You are just tooo cute!!! I love this everyday blogging. Even if I don't get to talk to you all week I still get to see whats goin on. :)

  4. I make this dish and serve it over noodles. Soooooooooooo good!!!
    Sorry about Parker. There are good days and there are bad. I'm pretty sure I like the good days better.
    Love you!

  5. Yummy! I am going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I think you got this one from me too. You're welcome. Again. :)

  7. That was Madeleine! Two 45 min naps a day - even though she DEFINITELY needed to sleep longer. I wish I could tell you what got her out of the cycle, but I can't. We tried everything - even letting her cry for a while. I just accepted that she was going to be a short napper and then one day she started taking an hour and a half long nap twice a day and she's been doing it ever since! (but it did take a while to get there!)

  8. Mom - yes, definitely try the italian seasonings! heidi will know which ones. it's sooo good.

    randalin - i got parker to sleep TWO & a HALF hours today. BUT, he woke up after 45 minutes & was crying (not screaming) & i said, "ok, if he's still crying in 5 minutes i will get him up." he cried for 3 minutes & then slept for almost two more hours. glllooorrrrious. not exactly a non-CIO method though. that is, if you call soft crying for 3 minutes CIO...

    Heather - I am totally enjoying your more frequent posts too!

    Devin - today was much better, so don't feel too bad ;)

    Sarah - try it, lemme know how it turns out! it will be delicious.

    Heidi - actually I got it through Gina, who said she got it through you... so... thank you. for giving it to her. haha.

  9. kate, he's usually a really good napper... i'm hoping yesterday was a fluke. or maybe just a little phase...

  10. ugh, you know i'm with you on the nap front :( i'm lucky to get 45 minutes, though!

    i hope p starts sleeping for longer stretches and gives you some good mom time.

  11. Had to look this up tonight again to make it for dinner. :) Yum!


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