Monday, October 11, 2010

will all the other weirdos please stand up

sometimes i wonder if i portray myself correctly on this blog.  it's hard for those reading it to see how much time is spent taking tons of pictures of which i only like one or two, & then even those are edited in photoshop.  a blog can so easily be used to frame this image of someone that isn't real... to make our lives look like the way we wish they were.

i think i'm pretty forthcoming in my blog about who i really am, but it occurred to me that in my everyday life i do some really weird stuff, & i'm wondering if i'm the only one.  so here are some random facts about me.

1.  i hate getting out of the shower.  so much that i have to force myself to get out by counting down from thirty to zero every single time.  when i reach zero, i make myself shut off the water without thinking about it.  if i didn't do this, i would probably spend all day under the hot steamy water.

2.  i hate getting in the shower.

3.  after i hit publish on a blog post, i re-read it.  then i'll edit it, fixing typos, wording, grammar, etc. & then re-publish.  then i do it again.  i probably do this at least four or five times with each post.

4.  i am not at all photogenic.  not. at. all.  however, i have decided that i have a "good side" & will strategically stand showing that side when pictures are taken.  ever notice that all my pictures show the right side of my face?  not a coincidence.  the picture seen above is of my "other side."  now you know why i stick to the right side.

5.  i hate getting ready for bed.  hate it.  i will stay up an extra hour or two past the point of tiredness just because i don't want to go get ready for bed.  taking out contacts, washing my face, brushing my teeth... blech.  all of it.  i've realized i need to force myself to go get ready for bed way before my bedtime, & then i stand a chance of actually going to bed at a decent hour without putting it off.

6.  i have nightmares about slugs.  i went to school & majored in wildlife ecology so you'd think i'd be ok with all sorts of creepy crawly things.  i even worked for the forest service studying newts & salamanders where i had to reach under rotten wood, pick them up, & measure them.

but to this day, i have a reoccuring nightmare about slugs.  i literally had this dream last night.  they were congregating in my house, & then when i started picking them up {with tissue of course} to throw them out they slithered in all different directions.  i am seriously getting creeped out with goosebumps as i type this.

7.  i don't like snails either.  they're just slugs with shells.  creepy.

8.  i am ocd about my handwriting.  when i was in junior high, high school, & college i spent many hours experimenting with writing letters all different ways until i had a style i liked.  my handwriting is a bit different, & now sam calls it my "hieroglyphics." 

9.  i, like most girls, wish i had more clothes.  but i hate shopping.  i am really trying to get better at it, & seeing so many different styles on the blogosphere has helped give me some ideas, but i totally admire people with an innate sense of style & fashion.  color me jealous.

10.  i'm having a really hard time thinking of a number ten, but i really feel like this list should go to at least ten.  no?  ok then, i'm done.

this has been no mom talk monday.  thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I didn't major in anything creepy or crawly but I have nightmares about slugs and sometimes maggots too. We have a cottage near a lake and the yard is CHUCK full of slugs..I almost want to sell the house because of it. Great post!

  2. This is a great post!! You are soo right. I love your picture :)and I love love your blog!!

  3. I think you're real on your blog- I wonder the same thing about mine. And I laughed when I read about your "photogenic side" I do the same thing when the camera comes out. I hate the way I look straight on. ha ha

  4. Great post! It's nice to know I'm not alone in some of my "quirks" :) I often wonder if my blog comes across and shows the real me. I try, but there are certain things that I guess I've never really talked about. Good idea for a blog post, maybe I'll give it a shot :)

    Have a great night!

  5. sooo did you read single dad laughing too? i love how everyone is getting real lately.

    I agree on so many of those things, ok not the slugs sorry lady. ;)

    I never take self portraits and am rarely photographed for my blog, i hate pictures of myself!

    you are BEAUTIFUL on the other hand! Way to go, way to be REAL!

  6. I'm OCD about my handwriting too! People always tell me how cute it is, but I'm just not a fan. I rewrite stuff over and over sometimes. AND I could literally stay in my shower until all the hot water is completely gone. p.s.) I think you're pretty not weird. :)

  7. I fear you may have gotten the hate-shopping-for-clothes gene from me. I know it is my own fault when I feel I have nothing to wear... Shelley & Gina are gifted in that area & now Heidi is stylin' since she is working for Downeast. Agree on the slugs thing - Gina will never live down the story about her trying to eat one when she was a toddler... Very fun post! You are almost makin' me want to keep up a blog... Love ya, Mom

  8. Great post! So funny! I laughed several times...not necessarily AT you but because you are just so honest with yourself and I can totally relate to a few of those things! Loved it!

  9. Recently a new follower!
    & i love this post:)

    I have a love/hate relationship with my handwriting, some days it's amazing and others I try not to write down anything at all. I tried different styles too, but I don't think that ever worked out for me hah.

    & I'm definitely the same way when it comes to taking pictures. I absolutely love taking pictures, as long as I think I'm cute that day. Otherwise, I always have to use my good side AND I havehavehave to check every photo before another is taken.


  10. What a GREAT post! Im loving that your BLOGGIN everyday!
    The FLASH BACK and NO MOMMY TALK days...sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! I might just do the same ONE OF THESE DAYS, if you dont mind :) I LOVE that picture of you.. SO CUTE! We MISS you guys ad we wished we didn't live so far away.. I heard that we missed a PRETTY AWESOME get together:)
    Keep up the GOOD work!

  11. nightmares about slugs and snails is hilarious... but i do the same thing about publishing, re-reading, re-editing blog posts 50 times, etc! i think that i'm pretty real on my blog, but my best friend thinks i come off a little different from how i really am. i guess it's tough to portray all of your emotion and tone in writing sometimes :)

  12. I'm a new follower :)

    And I'm the same way with getting ready for bed!! I hate it!! Ugh.

  13. Ok, #1, 2, 3, 5, & 9 are totally me!

    Except I don't have a "good side" at all.

  14. I have different weird I still sleep with a teddy bear, but that wasn't always the case. I found it amongst my stuff and casually decided to sleep with it one night. Then all of a sudden, I couldn't sleep without it. Strange.

  15. I love this! Thanks for sharing! :D That is really creepy about the slugs.

  16. Mmmm... Gotta love good reflection posts. There's something so therapeutic about putting something that defines you on paper--er, blog. Even if it's bad stuff, it's like I can like myself more if I know exactly what my problems are (as numerous as they are).

    PS. Getting ready for bed: uck!
    PPS. I over-read posts/emails/messages/etc. imagining other people reading them... I will spend hours attempting to word things just right. I think I'm trying to make up for my terrible communication skills in real life. I'll word my sentences backwards, ramble on tangents, and generally suck at talking. But writing, I'm a bit better. Just a bit. :)

  17. OMG {I even said it in my head like a valley girl} I do the same thing when I publish my post. Publish. Reread. Edit. RePublish. etc.

    And spot on with the handwriting. I love handwritten notes but I scrunch up so many papers because my handwriting is never right... but I LOVE handwriting! LOVE it. I even label the different ways I write...

  18. I'm totally the same way about the shower! I really love this post. It's so true.
    Also I love your glasses.

  19. thanks everyone for all your awesome comments. i tried to share the comment love back to everyone on their own blogs because i love everyone who stops by!! it was so fun to write this post. thanks for liking me despite my weirdness.

  20. lol, i liked that post :)
    i'm your newest follower from FMBT, stop by when you can :)

  21. Ha...we have a ton in common. Fun post!

  22. *slowly standing up...*

    Not only do I hate getting in the shower, but I despise the whole hygiene routine. I know it's required, I still do it all, but I constantly think of other, more exciting things I could be doing the whole time.

  23. LOL This list cracked me up...made me realize that we are all a little bit weird and a little quirky! Thanks for sharing and for linking! Loved it!

  24. Just stopping by from Mingle Monday to say Hello. Great Blog!

  25. stopping by from mingle monday.
    And whatever- you are totally photogenic.

  26. I totally agree about how you could definitely make your life out to be something it's not pretty easily on a blog.
    And hey, I hate getting out of the shower, getting ready for bed (it takes me 10x longer than my husband... so by the time I crawl into bed, he's already halfasleep and comfy... no fair!), and I always end up hating 90% of the pictures I take (with me in them) as well.

  27. Following from the Tuesday Tag Along!

    You wouldn't like it at our house where my three year old keeps snails as pets!

    I have a fun Linky over at The Everyday Mommy if you want to link up! A post about that darling little Parker would be PERFECT!!

  28. Hi, I am your newest follower from the Tuesday blog hop! Please stop by and check out my blogs

    Thanks :)

  29. Hey Amy- I saw your blog on Mingle Monday, so I thought I'd stop by. First, Parker is precious (I'm sure you hear that all the time!), second I love your blog!! Your header is great!! And the halloween pic is so cute. Love it. Can't wait to read more from you!

  30. Visiting from Mingle Monday! Love this list...and I also do the editing/reediting thing with my blog. I noticed your husband has a WSU shirt on in your header image...I'm currently getting my Master's degree through WSU. Go Cougs!

  31. I totally hate getting ready for bed too!! And then when I'm finally pumping (final stage of getting read these days) I get totally pissed at myself for staying up too late, knowing I'm not going to get enough sleep and feel like ass in the morning. I resolve to go to bed earlier the next night but NEVER DO.

  32. this is the. best post! along with numbers three, four, and five i also would like to admit i only ever eat the side of an oreo that the filling sticks to (and i throw the other side away) and i sleep with the covers pulled up over my mouth. it makes me feel safer for some weirdo reason. oh and i hate pumping gas as much as u hate getting in...and out of the shower. im surprised i have never run out of gas because i always wait til the last second to get it! and i love writing a weird amount. just for my handwriting though. i used to copy down the encyclopedias at my grandmas to practice my penmanship when i was little and cant tell u how many sheets of paper i wasted in school after i wrote my name on it, didnt like the way it looked, and then threw it away!  i now realize i should have just written my own blog post! sorry for the extremely long comment! ha!

  33. Oh, I'm kinda opposite...I hate getting ready every morning. Bleh...same old routine, brush teeth, wash and blow dry hair, find clothes that make me feel good to wear and start my day. NOT a morning gal at all...I have tried getting it all ready the night before, but I love late night TV in the dark, and would rather procrastinate getting ready...the following day.


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