Saturday, October 2, 2010

back-up plan

we have pretty big hopes & dreams for parker when he grows up.  maybe a star in the nba, a doctor, lawyer, engineer like his dad, or an ecologist like his mom.  who knows?  the sky's the limit, & of course just like most parents, we think our kid's destined for something great.

but you always have to have a back up plan. 

i think i found my back-up plan for parker... enter: hand dancing. 

have you seen this video yet?  has it been circulating the world-wide-web & i'm among the last to see it?  nonetheless, i think it's pretty cool/weird/interesting/mind-boggling that this stuff is out there.  gotta love youtube.

saw this posted on the rockstar diaries.  if you haven't checked out naomi's blog, you should.  it's a daily read.

now, tell me i'm not as crazy as sam says i am for thinking this video is cool.  that was two minutes well spent, right?

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  1. Hi,
    I'm Andree. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

  2. It's nos surprise that they stay so skinny! :)

  3. Hilarious! It makes me want to learn it! :O)

  4. I'm not sure what I liked more--watching their hands or watching their faces which are completely void of any expression whatsoever. How can you be doing that with your body and have nothing on your face?!? That's talent right there!

  5. Also, I just voted and I noticed that it will only take 2 more people to vote for you to make top 50.


  6. Hmmmm - sorry, Amy, I am with Sam on this one. Some people have too much time on their HANDS... pun intended.

  7. Great blog. Following from Saturday blog hop.

    Remember to enter the Salsa Trio Giveaway

  8. Such a funny video! So well orchestrated and executed too! Talent has many forms! I'm visiting from Pink Dandy Chatter.
    Your blog is very cute!

  9. You are NOT, in fact, the last person to see that video... because I hadn't either. :) Pretty neat!
    And I voted for you :)

  10. LOVE your blog! I am now a follower! ;) lol

  11. that stuff's crazy. seriously, who even thought of that in the first place. if p-diddy does become an expert at this, make sure everyone knows because that right there is some real talent :)


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