Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wordless wednesday... with a few words

this took place in the car after church last sunday while sam & parker were waiting for me to come out.  
 i learned that only sam can make parker laugh so hard he almost cries.

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  1. baby laughs are the cutest thing ever! ryan is the only one who can make corbin CRACK UP too. i love parkers cheeks so much!

  2. haha! i was nursing henry while watching this and he pulled away and just stared at parker. then he started smirking. baby friends! yay!

  3. I laughed so hard watching this!! What a cutie!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness!! Oh my goodness!! I want to snuggle him and kiss him! He is soo cute his laugh is so stinking cute! and yay for sophie!! :)

    He is soo cute you should be proud!!

    p.s thanks for linking up! Happy Wednesday :)

  5. That is so darn cute. Love it! I want to get Carsyn a Sophie.

  6. Ahhh what a good daddy. That kid of yours loves to laugh! I loved laughing with him this past weekend!

  7. Oh my gosh!
    This is WAY too cute.

  8. I think I watched that at least 5 times. So cute!

  9. Kasey was peeking over my shoulder when I watched this video. He asked, "Do you know who that is? Or is it just some random person's blog?"

    My response, "Uh, yeah! It's your nephew!"

    "Oh Wow! He's changed a lot!"

    Apparently we are due for another visit.

  10. Oh my world that is too cute! He's laugh/smile is contagious! Loooove! <3


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