Sunday, October 3, 2010

goodnight nana.

how freaking awesome is skype, right?

letting geographically distant grandparents tuck in their grandkids since 2010.
{in our household, anyway}

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  1. So adorable! That must make for a happy nana!!

  2. We love Skype! The other night when we were talking to Nana & Papa we gave them a tour of our new place. The girls were super excited that they got to show off their new bedroom.

  3. what a cute picture. ahhh, I can't wait to get our own internet in the new place! woot woot

  4. Loooove that shot - how awesome is that?! I swear, if it weren't for Oprah, I wouldn't even know what Skype is. LOL! The picture is adorable! :-)

    And I had to hide my eyes as I scrolled down and saw the STICKY BUNS!! Ahhhh!!! Trying to fit into size 4 jeans here! LOL! ;-) Have a great week!

  5. YAHOOOOOO for SKYPE! We should plan a NIGHT and CHAT IT UP!

  6. Love Skype! When my husband goes out of town we try to skype every night, it's such a good way for him and Avery to get to see each other even when far apart!

    Love the pciture, so cute!


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