Friday, October 15, 2010

flashback friday: "in like."

july 1, 2004.  this is the first picture sam & i ever took together.  we aren't even officially dating here.  we're just barely "in like."

it was summer break & sam had come to seattle from eastern washington with his dad & brother to see a mariner's game.  i was home from wsu for the weekend & well, long story short (i'm skipping the part where i ate a whole plate of garlic fries & almost hit a pedestrian while driving, you're welcome) sam ended up extending his stay in seattle & catching a ride back to school with me, sending his dad & brother home by themselves.  i think they call that "seeing about a girl."

we went to another mariner's game & spent some time hanging out downtown.  this was the weekend that totally sealed the deal for me.  i wanted to be this guy's girlfriend.  i really really liked him.  things with sam just came naturally... it was like i had met my best friend.  conversation came easy, i felt like i'd always known him.  he thought i was funny, & i felt like i was funnier around him.  we had the same sense of humor & i laughed at everything he said.  genuinely.

after a year & a half of dating, almost five years of marriage & a baby later, i still feel the same way.  not only am i totally in love with him, i still really really like him.  he's still my best friend & he still makes me a better person each & every day.

we're truly, madly, deeply "in like."

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  1. Oh..... ooooohhhh... remembering those times is always fun. he sounds like a good catch. ;)

  2. sweet story!
    Congrats on catching a great guy! It's so awesome to see all the happy couples, when so many people talk badly about marriage.

  3. Oh those NIELSON BOYS...
    I remember feeling the same way.... like I really WANTED to be Korry's GF! HAHAHA How do they DO IT!! I LOVE the story and YAY! For getting your HAPPILY EVER AFTER:) Cute picture BTW!

  4. this blog is so cute. love it. i will be following. follow me if you like. :) -sarah, rock n' stroll

  5. Awe! That is so sweet! It's really fun to remember back to those days at the beginning! I was browsing some photos of my husband and I when we were "in like"... I get so warm & fuzzy thinking about it!
    You two are adorable together!

  6. Such a sweet story! I love remembering those first times together with my husband!

  7. I love this post! I'm still totally crushing on my Hubby as well. I notice myself dressing up for our dates and still doing things to try to impress him. I love LOVE! :)

  8. YOu guys were cute then and are still cute now! Great flashabck.

  9. Such a sweet flashback! Your life has been full of so many wonderful little miracles... Love ya. oxox

  10. Great flashback!! And I loveeee your blog :] I definitely remember the "in like" stages of my relationship, you made me flash back too :]

  11. I love thinking back to being "in like" because I so vividly remember it, and I didn't even know that we'd be together forever. It's so cool to think back to when we were completely oblivious to how our lives would change and come together.

  12. Oh the days when Sam refused to smile in pictures. He has grown so much!

  13. What a great post!

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  14. New follower from Saturday Stalk. Please come visit me,


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