Monday, October 25, 2010

meet amy wang + a photo challenge

here is today's piece of "no-mom talk monday" random bit of trivia.

wang is my nickname.  well, "amy wang" is my nickname.  the nickname was actually given to me by some of sam's friends from high school before we were even officially dating & it's stuck ever since.  sam calls me "amy wang", "wang", or "wang sue" at least two or three times a day.  we have friends that definitely call me "wang" more than "amy".  i won't go into too many boring details about the specifics of how this name came about, but it does involve me looking asian.  no, seriously.  i've been asked by at least four different people under different circumstances if i was part asian.  no, seriously.

in fact, the most notable time was when sam was visiting me at my parent's & he was playing basketball with a group of guys i had gone to high school with.  one of them, whom i didn't know very well, came up to me & said, "are you kim nishimoto's sister?"  i said, "kim nishimoto??  no!  she's japanese!!"

thus, the nickname.  but, for the record... i'm not asian.  and now you know.

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now for the paper mama's photo challenge
this week's challenge is "black & white."

meet dominoe.  best. dog. ever.  when we had to put dominoe down two years ago, i had had him as my dog longer in my life than not.  meaning, i got him as a puppy when i was twelve, & he lived to be thirteen.  thirteen years of my life were spent loving & caring for this guy.

he was my 4H dog for four years.  he went to college with me.  he was adopted by sam & came with me in my new home when i got married.  but then he got old, he got weak, & he got to where life was harder for him than it should have to be.  so we had to say goodbye.

this picture was taken about a month before we put dominoe down.  it's pretty obvious that right up to his last day, despite all his aches & pains, he was a super happy dog.  i still miss this guy.

but i figure, what better subject for a black & white photo than my favorite black & white spotted little guy?

The Paper Mama

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  1. i was cracking up at this even before i read the story! i get asked all the time if im russian!?!?
    also? i love dominoe. how sweet is that picture! im glad you have lots of great memories with him!

  2. hahaha you are sooo funny!! I love that picture

  3. Aw, Dominoe is so cute! And that is too funny about the Asian mixup- my best friend gets is every day. People ask her parents if she was adopted! Her nickname is Dolly because she looks like one of those little porcelain geisha dolls :)

  4. ohh I miss dominoe! He was a good dog, even if he hated taking pictures with me. haha

  5. Yea, that picture of Dominoe is great. He was such a cool dog. Remember when you and Meg added a little color to his black and white body? That was great!
    Miss you, Dom!
    Love you, Wang.

  6. Absolutely PRECIOUS dog! I'm not even a dog person, but how could I not be in love with this shot? Fantastic! He looks like he had so much personality. :-) Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog too. Have a great week! :-)

  7. This made me husband's grandmother and coworker also thought I was asian-I'm not. But I never gained a nickname like you! :) the picture of your old dog. Very precious.

  8. You don't look Asian! But your baby does! LOL he's so cute though!!! :)

  9. Aww such a sweet guy and story. Glad he lived a long and happy life.

  10. baaahahahahaa. adorable doggy!!!!!! great picture!

  11. dalmation. brilliant. cheater, it could of been color and would of worked. LOL

  12. cute pup (even if he was getting older at this point) i have had many dogs in my family and have loved each one.... such great friends!

  13. Awwww, I LOVE this photo!!!! And your first story....Hilarious!

  14. HEE-larious! Because I thought you had a li'l Asian in you too for a while. There, I said it.


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