Thursday, October 21, 2010

look what i can do

gif animator

lookout folks, p-ray's on the move.

if only my camera could keep up with him so he wasn't just a blur.  but actually, that's pretty much what he looks like while rolling.  the kid's wicked fast, yo.

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  1. Oh dear! Now you're in trouble! haha

  2. woah parker! he is a rollin' machine!

  3. You have to watch that kid every second now so he's not rolling off beds or down stairs!! haha Not that it's funny for kids to roll off's just funny how everything now will change for you :)
    Love you!

  4. Love it! He'll be on the playground with Kaylee in no time! :)

  5. The baby chubs will disappear fast now! He will soon look like a little kid and not a baby...But you would have it no other way! So fun!!!

    Love ya, Mom oxox

  6. yay! go parker!

    thank you so much for sending me a link to that site the other day and for leaving me such an encouraging reminder of just how blessed i really am. it's also refreshing to hear that other's experience the same feelings. that site though, oh my. i can't even imagine. after henry's nap i am going to squeeze him so tight and count my blessings.

    thanks for being there for me, i am so glad we know each other :)

  7. Sitting up...check. Rolling over....check. Crawling.....not quite a check but he's ready for sure! Bust a move Parker!


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