Monday, October 4, 2010

if only i could bottle this feeling

the post-workout feeling.

why why WHY do i put off a daily work out?  never ever have i left the gym, or come home from a run saying, "man, i really wish i had just stayed at home in my pajamas a bit longer instead." 

i made it to spinning tonight.  it felt so good.  but it is still so hard to get there.  the logistics of having parker fed at the right time, combined with sam getting home in time, combined with me having the energy to run out the door as soon as sam walks in has made for a lack of making it to my favorite classes lately.  but i did it tonight.  and oh-em-gee it felt good.

this week i am setting more goals.  i'm upping the ante & am shooting for four, count 'em f-o-u-r work outs this week.  can it be done?  uh, yeah.  pretty sure it's possible.  will i do it?  only time will tell.  but i'm feeling pretty good & am feeling pretty motivated.  which brings me to my next question...

what fuels you?

what pushes you out the door when you'd rather surf the 'net?  what leads you to strapping on your runners when you'd rather stay cozied up on your couch?  there are a few things that i absolutely crave about a good work out, & they are:

-the sense of accomplishment after i'm done.  it's sad to look forward to being done with something before it begins, but that post-workout rush is really hard to beat.

-the endorphins that are pumped through your veins during a work out.  music is pumping, sweat is dripping off your face, muscles are quivering... that feeling beats a comfy couch.  

-a good soundtrack.  unless i'm running with a friend, good music is a must.  anything that makes me run faster & push harder.  i have a whole list of 'em.

-the way i feel on a daily basis when i am consistently working out.  i find myself sleeping better, eating better, having more energy, fitting better in clothes, much less stressed, & feeling overall... ummm, better.

so, what fuels you?

are you asking where all my mommy talk went tonight?  this was my first no-mom-talk-monday post, hosted by courtney over at live beautiful.  don't worry, i'm sure parker will be making an appearance again tomorrow.  and probably the next day, & maybe even the next day.

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  1. Oh how I admire you!! I do love the way it feels after a work out - it's just the motivation that I lack. I know I need to get in better shape but for some reason I can't get myself to care enough to go! Ha ha. But I do care. You know what I mean??

  2. I completely agree with the sense of accomplishment. Not ever do I go on a run and wish I'd stayed home instead. I've been running every other day during my half-marathon training, and honestly (this might be bad), but the two things that get me to lace up my shoes are 1)the fact that I know I'll feel guilty for the rest of the day if I don't go now and 2)the knowledge that since I went today, I don't have to go tomorrow, and I can stay at home guilt free...while eating ice cream ;)

  3. I absolutely HATE working out. I do not like to sweat. I do not like that quivery muscle feeling. I definitely do not like how I feel so completely exhausted after a hard work out.

    But there are 2 things that keep me going. 1)imagining how I'll feel when I slip into a size smaller pair of jeans and 2)my friend who calls every morning to make sure I'm meeting her to exercise. I always feel guilty when I back out on her.

  4. I love the way I feel after a workout. Like you, it's just the getting up to do it that takes the effort. You inspire me to get off my butt. Thanks so much for linking!! Hope you'll join next week!

  5. I often ask myself that same question. Why I don't do something that I know makes me feel great when I'm done.

    Shibley Smiles

  6. Working towards an event keeps me motivated. I find I'm less likely to skip workouts if I've plunked down the money for a race in advance!(Yes - I'm still pregnant! Gosh this wait is killing me!)

  7. Loathe Loathe Loathe the "getting there part"! I actually enjoy it while I'm doing it... i.just.can't.get.there! No way, no how. I don't even own workout clothes (an easy excuse not to when my husband asks why I am still on the computer and not working out). Although yesterday I did purchase a $3 pair of black sweat pants... maybe that will help. Oooh- maybe a cute work out outfit will motivate me? hmmm...

  8. Hey...can you send that feeling over my way? I'm about to head to the gym and need a big dose of that!

  9. I hear ya! I love spinning, but could never imagine going to the gym any more. I do this 10 minute hip hop video every morning- I love it!... followed by a 30 min walk outside/ in the mall... and 15 min yoga before bed. As you can see, I have trouble staying motivated for long bursts of time ;)

  10. I would have to say the gals I work out with. If I don't show up to class, I better be on my death bed or I will hear about it for a week! It's great to have someone hold you accountable when the last thing you want to do is go to the gym or out in the cold. Nothing like a nice little "See you tonight right?" text to get your butt to the gym! :)


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