Sunday, November 28, 2010

we're home & i'm as giddy as a school girl {not related}

{yes, my kid travels in his pajamas}

and so we're home with mixed emotions.  it's nice to be home, in the comforts of our house, no more driving ahead of us.  but how much does it suck that the holiday weekend is over?  lots.

we had an awesome holiday.  parker turned seven months {look for that post tomorrow}, we ate a ridiculous amount of junk food {including the world's best pizza.  true story.  world's best pizza is in clarkston, wa}...

...& i bought a new camera.

oh.  em.  gee.  i bought a new camera ya'll!!  i took the plunge, made my choice, put in my credit card info, & clicked "buy".  and now i wait.  i am so excited about it, & my only regret is that we didn't buy it sooner.  i can't believe how excited i am!  i'm a little nervous about the learning curve of using it & taking awesome pictures, but i'm excited to try. 

for those of you who followed me throughout the whole "what camera should i buy there are so many choices i am so intimidated by the world of dslrs" drama, here is the final rundown of what i decided on:

•  canon eos rebel t2i {body only}
•  lens - 50mm f/1.8
•  telephoto lens - 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6

...and i bought from b&h who came highly recommended by everyone i talked to.  wow... did i mention i'm so excited?  {insert little school girl squeals here}.  if you think i made some wrong choices in my decision, keep it to yourself.  it's too late now & i'm not looking back.  so just be happy with me!  hooray!

on an unrelated note, parker was an amazing little traveler.  eight hours there, seven hours back.  he slept & played with toys the whole way & cried a grand total of maybe 10-15 minutes.  my kid's a rockstar. 

whenever we would put his car seat cover over him to block the sun, he would push it down to his feet & then turn around & give us this disapproving look like, "why would you do that?  really?"

true story. 
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  1. i say GREAT CHOICE! im so excited you got your camera!!! and what a little trooper parker is! oh AND i might have to burst your bubble by telling you that the actual best pizza in the whole world is in las vegas at metro pizza. but i suppose neither of us can say for sure until we try the other! :) haha

  2. Did you eat a Fazzari's without me! I love their shotsy and taco pizza...YUM!

  3. You know that I approve of your camera/lens choices! :-)
    Yay Parker for being such a great little travel buddy! And there's nothing wrong with traveling in PJ's. That's pretty much all I ever travel in. Actually, that's pretty much all I wear on a daily basis. Ha ha.

  4. So glad you all are home safe! Congrats on the camera - you will love it, i'm sure... Parker does not disappoint as usual!

  5. Yay for the new camera!! I just got the Rebel T1i and LOVE it (: How cute is little Parker?!! Adorable!

  6. YEAH!!!! Happy early Christmas for AMY! I am SOOOO excited for you! :) I hear a photography class calling our names now....

  7. I hope you didn't make a mistake with that camera because that is almost exactly what I just ordered for myself (as a gift from my hubby!) Yeah!

  8. Great choice! You will LOVE your 50 mm. I have it and I am thinking about upgrading to the 1.4--eventually.

  9. took a plunge on the t2i? I thought you were all about Nikon.

  10. dude! i am so happy! i can't wait to see what kind of masterpieces are going to be thrown all over this crazy blog!

  11. Very exciting!! I asked Santa for a new camera, we'll see if he ponies up :)

    Can't wait to see new pics of Parker with that fancy-pants camera!

  12. Love the photos! Ruari traveled in jammies too. SO exciting about the camera!!!

  13. YAY for a new camera!! Mine has totally changed my life (for real!!)! Love that pic of Parker!

  14. Awesome! Carsyn hates his carseat, it would not have gone so smoothly. Glad you all had a good time.

  15. Congrats! I love my Canon! Now I am asking for a speedlite flash for Christmas!! BTW... Jackson does the same thing with his carseat visor and thinks it is hilarious!!


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