Saturday, December 11, 2010

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.4


bundled parker up & headed to stroller strides.  it was the one time we made it this week.  ah geeze.  also?  this week parker decided he doesn't like to eat solids.  it's like pulling teeth to get him to eat anything... even things we couldn't feed him fast enough a couple weeks ago.

i know nothing about raising one of these things {things = babies}.


we really wanted to get our christmas tree monday night, but that didn't work out & it got bumped to tuesday night.  but between parker being asleep & the pouring down rain, we were pretty unmotivated to venture out into the wilderness that is ace hardware.  christmas tree fail #2.

ah well, no big.  we spent the night untangling christmas tree lights & stringing ornaments with yarn {no pokey metal hooks for us this year... we are officially baby proof}.  at least i have my mini-tree in the front window {which sam hates, fyi.  probably because i like to leave it up til march}.


p-ray's been sick & after almost a week of runny nose & stuffiness, it's developed into a cough.  i decided to be safe rather than sorry & took him to the pedi.  they prescribed antibiotics for a secondary infection & sent us on our merry way.

have you ever seen a happier face while waiting for the doctor?  even in his sickness, he managed to charm & flirt with every single one of the nurses.  kid knows how to work a room.


thursday morning parker was a mess.  coughing fits that would lead to throwing up.  gasping for air between coughs.  i headed to work while sam stayed home with him for the first half of the day & then i came home from work for the afternoon.  what makes him feel better?  checkin' himself out in the mirror.  works every time.

that night i got my craft on & painted a couple ornaments.  no big deal.

oh! and big deal:  parker cut his first tooth on thursday.  pictures will come as soon as he lets it see the light of day


we finally got our christmas tree!  hallelujah.  do you like how sam doesn't tell me when he's going to take the picture?  or did you think i was making that face on purpose?  yikes.

we strapped the tree on sam's little mazda & took her home to have our way with her.  at last.
{check out pictures of the finished tree on my photo blog.  it's purdy.}

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  1. The mirror works for us everytime too! I hope Parker is feeling better. Must have sucked to feel sick AND cut a tooth. Poor little man (and poor mama...taking care of a sick baby is never any fun).

  2. Hope Parker feels better. YAY for his first tooth. Have a great weekend.

  3. My husband takes super awesome pictures of me like that all the time. Woo! Way to preserve precious memories and look like crap at the same time. (Of course I am not saying YOU look like crap, but perhaps that is not your most fabulous face.)

  4. Glad you got the Xmas tree! Sorry to hear Parker has been sick...hope he feels better soon. Happy Weekend!

  5. Jackson is pretty vain as well. He adores himself. In fact whenever he is upset we : 1. set him in front of a mirror 2. play videos I have taken of him on my iphone or 3. show him his huge face as my desktop wallpaper (that one ALWAYS does the trick). Hey- he is a pretty cute kid. I'd probably be happy if I were him and saw myself in a mirror. ;)

  6. It looks like the week was a good one minus the sickness that is causing Parker to throw up. Poor baby PRay. Well I hope the meds start working and when we see him this coming weekend he will be in tip top shape. Cheerio! haha I had to add that. Yah for real trees! This family of mine down here is all big fat fakers!!!! I tease I tease, but really who wants a tree that is so fake looking and not full and skinny? hmmm....anyone? I didn't think so. Point made.

  7. I think its a man thing when it comes to outrageous pics! At least it didn't turn out blurry? Haha

    Hope Parker feels better soon - maybe that tooth popping through was just what he needed! =)

  8. Those painted ornaments are too cute!! I'm making homemade ornaments too for our baby tree because I don't want to buy little ones. Hope Parker gets better soon! The pictures with him at the mirror are precious! Charlie does the thing too where he snaps a pic before I'm really and I'm like "I wasn't even looking and this is kinda blurry" and then his response (without even looking at it) is "Looks good to me" Men.

  9. i love this week in phone pics idea! too bad i have the cheapest most stone-age cell phone! hope parker feels better!

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